How to look after your leather gloves? —– From GSG & Fioretto Team

Today, gloves are a stylish and practical accessory to compliment your busy lifestyle. Like any other high quality accessory, your gloves need to be treated with care if they are to retain their naturally pleasing appearance. We hope the following guidelines will prove helpful in keeping your fine gloves and leather handbags looking their best.

clean-leather-glovesCaring for and preserving leather products is a simple process and one that is always worth the results. A few simple tricks that can be used will not only enhance the appearance of your leather gloves and accessories, but also extend their life.

When putting on a glove, please try and avoid pulling by the cuff, as it pulls the glove out of shape and can strain the fine stitching. One should fold back to top of the glove cuff and carefully insert the fingers, smoothing each one gently downwards towards the base f the finger, ensuring each finger fits smoothly inside the glove.

1-gsg-ladies-simple-short-fingerless-leather-gloves-5To remove a glove, one should gently pull the glove from the top of each finger and thumb, sliding it off gently, a little at a time.

Unfortunately for practical reasons, gloves are often rolled or pushed into pockets, and as a result can possibly lose their shape and good appearance. Any article of quality clothing needs to be cared for. Accordingly, we recommend that after use, you should always gently pull your gloves back into shape and, where practical, store them laid flat. This will help them to keep their good appearance.

s-elegant-leather-gloves-brownIf by any chance your gloves do become damp or rain spotted, carefully smooth them into shape and lie them down on a towel to dry naturally. Never dry your gloves in direct sunlight, or on a radiator, or use any form of artificial heat, as this may cause discolouration and hardening of the fine leather.

Gloves may be dry cleaned by an experienced specialist leather dry cleaner.

Wipe the dust off regularly. Dust acts as sandpaper to leather, cutting away at the finish with every movement you make. You don’t need to use a special cloth or brush for this, an old rag or towel will do.

If you have leather to help them last longer, when you are still wearing them rub in some leather cream to feed the leather, just as you would if you were putting on hand cream. This is particularly good if they have dried and become stiff after getting wet.

s-brown-winter-warm-sheep-skin-leather-glovesIf you get leather lined leather gloves they will not stretch as much as an unlined leather gloves. Leather lined gloves are not completely waterproof and are not usually washable. You can wipe them clean as recommended above. However, leather lined gloves can be lovely to use and mould to your hand shape.

If none of the above methods seems to workArticle Search, you can try a solution of 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 cup of water. This is especially good for removing spots caused by sugar or alcohol.

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Fashion to Your Fingers–Save your winter modelling

In cold autumn or winter, you can’t show beautiful long legs, girls have to pay more attention on accessories. In winter’s Shopping List, cool leather gloves are undoubtedly the street snap tide people’s best choices. Warm and easy to win yours modelling, who doesn’t love?

Here, they frequently flash in autumn/winter fashion shows.

fashion-to -fingers

fashion-to -fingers2

fashion-to -fingers3

“S Queen”Blake Lively also wear them for better winter whole look.

fashion-to -fingers4

In addition to this regular leather gloves, there are still designs of hollow-carved on the back of hand, not warm enough? Who cares! Cool is enough!

fashion-to -fingers5

Victoria Beckham

fashion-to -fingers6

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

fashion-to -fingers7

fashion-to -fingers8

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

This motorcycle leather gloves are more suitable for beautiful ladies, the exposed nails make her look sexier.

   fashion-to -fingers9

Karl Lagerfeld

fashion-to -fingers12

fashion-to -fingers11

Full sense of the future of silver fingerless gloves to match the same flash silver nail polish, fashionable and halfback feel!

fashion-to -fingers15

Chiara Ferragni

fashion-to -fingers16

Motorcycle gloves, bracelets and watches are whatever set up is also a perfect fit. Accessories in summer, don’t worry about no place to show off in cold weather! The Italian fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni just wearing it this way.

fashion-to -fingers17

On the choices of leather gloves, although the black ones are most common, but concerning for your whole collocation, a pair of bright color gloves may better choice and catching more eyes in winter.

fashion-to -fingers18

fashion-to -fingers19

Or choose this with small adornment design, both fashion and individual.

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