Having these lovely stickers,you don’t have to update your wardrobe now!

Autumn is coming, and it’s time o update new wardrobe . Tired of wearing old jeans ,T-shirts and old coats ? Lovely “sticker garment”can save you now!Here introduce one designer brands, let’s go!


Different kinds of stickers become to appear on the fashionable people clothes or bags now!



Best shoes maker Anya Hindmarch even add stickers to their shoes, the ankle boots covered with stickers look so chic and beautiful.


Denim products are always good friends with stickers, denim blue combines with bright colors is so cool. You can also leave your name on jacket!



Brand 1:Tuesday Bassen is created by an illustrator in Los Angeles, as the same name brand, she began reading while working in record stores and comic house. But now she has graduated and established independent studio to become a full-time art illustrator. Big girlhood dream has turned in the reality ~


The baby-face whimsy girl Tuesday Bassen looks so confident on the sale market.


Tuesday Bassen stickers are with strong American street fashion, contracted and not simple design represents the dreams of the young girl for a new life ~ Hearts lollipops design is her most love pattern.



And her cartoon portraits is here~


The cuboid 3D design is so realistic.


Can’t help want to eat a bite on this “strawberry”!


Yeah! So cool than gesture.


More about buyer show~



And leather coat collocation is also very good oh ~ let high cold leather immediately lovely now~


Existing ten thousand possible becomes, it has controlled the clothes, bags, shoes,ipad case… What else can’t? !




Fashion to Your Fingers–Save your winter modelling

In cold autumn or winter, you can’t show beautiful long legs, girls have to pay more attention on accessories. In winter’s Shopping List, cool leather gloves are undoubtedly the street snap tide people’s best choices. Warm and easy to win yours modelling, who doesn’t love?

Here, they frequently flash in autumn/winter fashion shows.

fashion-to -fingers

fashion-to -fingers2

fashion-to -fingers3

“S Queen”Blake Lively also wear them for better winter whole look.

fashion-to -fingers4

In addition to this regular leather gloves, there are still designs of hollow-carved on the back of hand, not warm enough? Who cares! Cool is enough!

fashion-to -fingers5

Victoria Beckham

fashion-to -fingers6

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

fashion-to -fingers7

fashion-to -fingers8

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

This motorcycle leather gloves are more suitable for beautiful ladies, the exposed nails make her look sexier.

   fashion-to -fingers9

Karl Lagerfeld

fashion-to -fingers12

fashion-to -fingers11

Full sense of the future of silver fingerless gloves to match the same flash silver nail polish, fashionable and halfback feel!

fashion-to -fingers15

Chiara Ferragni

fashion-to -fingers16

Motorcycle gloves, bracelets and watches are whatever set up is also a perfect fit. Accessories in summer, don’t worry about no place to show off in cold weather! The Italian fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni just wearing it this way.

fashion-to -fingers17

On the choices of leather gloves, although the black ones are most common, but concerning for your whole collocation, a pair of bright color gloves may better choice and catching more eyes in winter.

fashion-to -fingers18

fashion-to -fingers19

Or choose this with small adornment design, both fashion and individual.

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 Fioretto Women Winter Warm Exquisite Embroidery Leather Gloves


Fioretto Men Hand-sewn Leather Driving Gloves Winter Warm


Fioretto Men Cool Lancinating Leather Fingerless Driving Gloves

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10 Things To Know Before You Play ‘Pokémon GO’


I’ve been playing Pokémon GO pretty hardcore now for the past 48 hours or so, at least whenever the servers have decided to work. I have a bunch of 500+ CP Pokemon and have won and lost three gyms at this point. I’ve tried to do some research to improve my game, and what I’ve found are things that I wish I’d known from the start.

Some of these are things you should know right at the start, like before you even start playing, other items will hopefully just shorten the learning curve a bit, because so much about Pokémon GO is frustratingly vague and almost nothing is clearly explained.

So, here are ten things I wish I knew when I started Pokémon GO:


Evolve Your Pokémon For XP

Once you have the maximum evolved version of a Pokémon you can pick up extra, lower-level duplicates as a bonus source of XP.


You Have To Beat Rival Teams Several Times To Keep A Gym

You have to get a gym rep all the way down to zero to be able to replace it with your own Pokémon.


Tracking Is Unreliable, But There Are Some Tips

One foot print is the closest, two is medium close and three is the farthest away. Among those listed with three footprints, they will appear in the list in order of closeness.


Pikachu Can Be Your Very First Pokémon

At the beginning of the game you get to choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. If instead of picking one of them you run away from them four times, Pikachu will appear.


You Do Have To Actually Walk Your Eggs

You have to walk while the game is active to hatch your eggs that are incubating. Trains, cars and buses do not work.


Battling Is Hard

In addition to hitting your opponent, you can also swipe to avoid attacks. Your Pokémon will have a special meter that increases while you attack so you can do an even more powerful attack at some point.


The App Doesn’t Work In The Background

It won’t even track your steps unless you have it open.


It’s Hard To Know When To Invest In Pokémon

You may be tempted to pump up your Pokémon with stardust only to find a higher-level Pokémon while walking down the street.


Holding Gyms Give You Free Stuff

If you lead or support a holding gym you will get significant currency daily.


Catching High-Level Pokémon Requires Strategy

Pokémon are easiest to catch when the ring around them is the smallest. Hold down the Pokéball before you throw and the ring will shrink. Turning off AR also makes it way easier to catch Pokémon.





How You Can Keep Sitting from Killing You

Exercising for an hour a day may be enough to counteract the harmful effects of sitting for long periods, a new study from Norway finds.

The results show that people who sit for more than 8 hours a day, but who also exercise for 60 to 75 minutes a day, are not at increased risk for early death, compared to people who sat for less than 4 hours a day and reported high levels of physical activity.

In contrast, the people in the study who sat for more than 8 hours a day and got less than 5 minutes of exercise per day were 59 percent more likely to die during the study period, compared to those who sat for less than 4 hours a day and exercised for an hour or more.


“There has been a lot of concern about the health risks associated with today’s more sedentary lifestyles,” study co-author Ulf Ekelund, a professor of sport medicine at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Oslo, said in a statement. “Our message is a positive one: it is possible to reduce — or even eliminate — these risks if we are active enough.” [5 Tips for Sitting Less During Your Work Day]

Many studies have found a link between sitting for long periods and an increased risk of chronic diseases (including cancer, diabetes and heart disease), and dying early. But it hasn’t been clear if engaging in a certain level of activity when people aren’t sitting could reduce or eliminate these risks, the researchers said.

In the new study, the researchers analyzed information from a total of more than 1 million healthy people who took part in 16 studies conducted in eight countries (Canada, the United States, Australia, Spain, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom and Japan). The participants were mostly over age 45, and were followed for two to 18 years. During the study period, 84,600 people died.

There was a strong link between sitting for long periods and an increased risk of early death, the researchers found. But greater levels of physical activity reduced, or in some cases completely offset, this risk.

For example, people who sat for 8 hours a day, but who exercised for 25 to 35 minutes every day, had about a 30 percent increased risk of early death (compared to a 59 percent increased risk for those who got less than 5 minutes of exercise per day). Only those people who exercised for 1 hour or more every day were able to eliminate the risks of sitting for more than 8 hours.

“I think this is good news,” said Dr. Edward Laskowski, co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center in Rochester, Minnesota, who was not involved in the study. It shows that “you can mitigate and compensate for some of these bad effects” of sitting, Laskowski said. In this way, exercise might be considered a kind of “treatment” for people who have sedentary jobs, he added.

But people should still aim to reduce their sitting time as much as they can. “We still want to make efforts to reduce the amount of sitting time in general,” Laskowski told Live Science. “The more we move, the better.”

The study also found that watching TV may be a particularly harmful form of sitting. People who watched TV for 3 hours or more a day were at increased risk for early death (regardless of how much total time they spent sitting), except if they were in the highest-activity group (which got 60 to 75 minutes of exercise a day). But even for people in the highest-activity group, watching TV for 5 or more hours a day was linked with an increased risk of early death.

It’s possible that TV watching is riskier than just sitting because it’s often accompanied by snacking, and people may be exposed to ads for junk food that affect their eating behavior, the researchers said.

The study included healthy people, so it’s unlikely that illness was the reason for people’s sedentary behavior, but the study could not completely rule out the effect of illness on the findings.

Find a best gift for your hand-Leather Gloves

A pair of leather gloves can comfort your skin, and it will show your personality fashion style. Buy yourself a pair of good quality leather gloves now! In many designs of leather gloves, long leather gloves are very popular in the world of fashion. They look very classic, elegant, and fashion at the same time.


In terms of color, black leather gloves are most popular of the ladies. But to try something new, you can see different contemporary color or color such as gold, green, earthy brown, grey, wine, white, purple, red, and more.


Leather fashion gloves can make you flash personality fashion style. You can wear casual or formal dresses. Celebration party, wedding, cocktail party are common places to wear a pair of leather gloves.


You can also try them in the winter to keep your hands warm and comfortable. Matching gloves with your clothing and fancy accessories can give you a best day!


Leather gloves crafts are admirable, because they are so soft, durable and fashion. Want to have your confidence and sexy appearance? Go out with you a pair of leather gloves, it is enough!


Who wants to try this fashion genuine leather gloves?

Gloves are pieces of cloth that covers your hands. The dressing gloves are usually made of genuine leather, fur or different fabric materials. Although there are many different kinds of gloves for men and women, genuine leather gloves are the most popular of all categories.


Once the leather gloves are used only for job, both manufacturers and industry. But now the fashion changed them to luxury items. Beautiful women find her way over wearing  gloves, look charming and shining.


Women always concern about what type of clothes look the best. In this industry, leather gloves is no doubt! Hats and scarves are extra clothes in the wardrobe of a woman now, but the latest fashion designers  have emphasized leather gloves’ important place!


Leather gloves do not tear, they will keep its shape. To provide comfortable and healthy environment, they can fit for any work, keep your hands warm. Your finger look nicer with leather gloves on,and they can help better control.


Search more chic long leather gloves here http://www.fioretto.us/women-long-leather-gloves.html





Stick These Foods on Your Face for Better Skin–DIY Mask

We’re all for putting natural ingredients on our faces! With summer right here, it’s  the perfect time to load up on your favorite fresh, skin-improving ingredients. Here’s a list of some popular food items that are said to improve the look and feel of your complexion.


Papaya has been used for centuries to help hydrate skin and remove impurities. Called the “fruit of the angels,” it’s full of healthy vitamins and antioxidants. This summer, blend it with some honey and lemon to create a detoxifying yet hydrating face mask or use its juice as an exfoliating treatment.


If you suffer from dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis, then avocados should be your best friend. This creamy fruit works wonders for the skin—it naturally hydrates and intensely moisturizes. For skin that’s supple, apply a thin layer of mashed avocado to your face and let it sit for a few minutes. Have a bad night’s sleep? Place chilled mashed avocado under your eyes to de-puff them.


The thought of slathering your face with raw eggs may seem strange, but let us convince you: Eggs have amazing natural properties that are said to make one’s complexion brighter and tighter. Use egg yolks as a moisturizing treatment, or whip up a few egg whites to create a frothy mask that will leave your skin tight and glowing.

coconut milk and coconuts on a dark wood background ** Note: Shallow depth of field

In terms of skin-care ingredients, coconut milk is one of our favorites. Thanks to its fat content, it effectively moisturizes skin, so it’s essential during cold and dry months. Mix some with your go-to facial cleanser for an instant boost of hydration that will leave your skin silky smooth.


The secret to fully removing all your makeup at night is not found in the makeup aisle or in a pack of wipes—it’s using extra virgin olive oil! You likely have it in your kitchen, so just reach for it the next time you want to melt off all of your makeup in seconds.


The healing benefits of natural oats are incredible. In addition to relieving itchiness, dryness, and redness, they can gently exfoliate and even treat acne. Try mixing some with milk and honey for a nourishing facial scrub, or throw a few handfuls in your next bath for added hydration.


When our skin is looking dull or in need of a boost, we immediately reach for natural yogurt. This rich dairy product has lactic acid, which can act as a gentle exfoliant. A simple mask made with yogurt, honey, and avocado will not only moisturize your skin, but it will also give you that glow that all girls covet.


For a super-smooth pout, turn to brown sugar. Mix it with olive oil to create a gentle exfoliant that will leave your lips feeling soft and tasting slightly sweet.


You probably know that bananas can be beneficial to your skin and your hair, but have you heard the latest craze about their peels? If you suffer from acne, try gently rubbing the inside of a banana peel over your face before going to bed and then rinsing your face in the morning. Do this for a week to eliminate all of your spots and achieve a radiant complexion.

Hope everybody do have a nice face ~


Modern people have more fashionable gloves than you guys!

Only know loose socks? Leather gloves can do this way!

Long gloves don’t stay in the age of Audrey Hepburn, the fashion in this year is to make long gloves pile folded, combined with perfect cuff can be better!




Leather gloves are just black color? Maybe you have not seen the chic ones!

In everyone’s impression, as if leather gloves are always black style in mothers’ closet. That’s enough baby, fashion style leather gloves are let a person dazzling.



Rihanna’s stripe leather gloves, like a rainbow in winter, let the whole black look immediately turn to outstanding.


Want more classic style you can get Gaga’s black and white stitching gloves, black and white contract colors can stand out in the dull weather in winter.


Wave point and rivet with double temperament. You can be very elegant, also can be very punk style, most necessary gloves style must be this.

Missed the furry shoes? Can’t miss the furry gloves again!

A lot of friends didn’t have the courage to put on the hot furry shoes last winter. It doesn’t matter. Furry can be also worn on hands. Exaggeration and warm fur gloves is one advantage while taking the photo, you don’t have to fix the picture just shade you face from the cute gloves.




Cute mittens is hot now!

Cute mittens make hand look like “Doraemon”, these mittens spent a whole childhood with us, and its full sense and cute style meet the fashion these days.




Motorcycle leather gloves are much cooler!

The love of beauty is a woman’s nature, but everybody misses the point, the women are also hard to resist handsome. A pair of motorcycle driving leather gloves can rich your outfit, people’s eyes will automatically focus on your body.






Have you got your best leather gloves yet? Come on! Find your own diferent style here http://www.fioretto.us.

Your Favorite Clothes Print Says About You

Outfits speak louder than words. Look for your favorite print to see if you are this personality or not.


If you regularly wear snakeskin into your attire, then you are a bold, confident fashionista to the max. Whether you dress the pattern up or down, you like to make a statement—and you don’t care what anyone thinks or says about your outfit.


If you’re a tie-dye kind of girl, then you’re down-to-earth and super-chill. Your favorite days are those you can spend outside or on trip, soaking up the sun enjoy yourself.


If you are a flower print lover, then you embrace your femininity. You’ve been known to work subtle bows into your outfits and your hair, and you are consistently kind and charming,nice to others and life.


For whatever reason, the word “ikat” is not memorable—however, if you wear the print, then the same can’t be said about you. You are quite the traveler, and everywhere you go, you leave a lasting impression- everyone remembers you for your curious spirit and kind heart.


If you love polka dots, then you are all about having fun. The world is your playground, and you can turn any situation into a good time and paly well.


Stripe lovers like their ensembles to stand out, but they don’t want to put a lot of effort into their looks. Stripes are bold; when you have this pattern on your side, it doesn’t take much to make a striking ensemble. Simply add oversize sunglasses and a messy bun, and go.

Do you agree with this? Let’s  talk about it!

9 Accessories Every Man Must Have in Their Wardrobe

A gentleman’s current wardrobe is definitely in truth a masterpiece of design and demonstrates someone’s do the job ethic. This details on the current wardrobe isolates the best males on the rest for a lot of males, discovering the right current wardrobe generally is a large problem in order to comprehend. It’s actually by no means uncomplicated also to lots of people, this could appear like it’s period spending. On the other hand, after you have got the right items jointly, setting up the right current wardrobe is straightforward. Here i will discuss items which usually each and every dude will need.

For many males, this can be a merely hands equipment which usually they might select and yes it actually allows making it a great watch. It’s far better having you really great bit than various grungy timepieces. The item seems to be actually harmful when you experience a guy around fantastic costume merely to get sabotaged by way of a bad looking watch.


Messenger Bags
These are a sign of gentle or elegance and also can carry so many items.Stylish messenger bags for men compliment a great looking attire and the best thing with men’s messenger bags is that you can choose  many colors and sizes for different situation.


The greater the number of ties that a man has the better. But be careful of how to choose your tie as it is important to avoid cheap ties because they will just look cheap even if you pair it with expensive shirt and suit. Buy the kind of a tie that you can afford, but you need not settle for an awful material. Navy blue tie  made of silk maybe your best choice.


Leather Gloves
A good pair of leather gloves is an essential men’s accessory that can go the distance. A pair of leather gloves is an affordable and trendy option to add to your closet. Leather gloves have both practical and stylish roles to play.A pair of leather gloves gives your look or outfits the edge that you wish for, keep you warm during cold weather, and are practical when driving. More leather gloves style you can visit http://www.fioretto.us


Many men go for years without obtaining a replacement of their wallets or cleaning it out. A wallet stores your identification documents and the money which you work so hard to get and you can easily find high quality wallets at affordable rates.

Many men think that a scarf of just for women, but this is not always the case. Invest in a high quality scarf and wear it during winter to keep you warm and looking stylish. It can be paired with a pea coat or a casual jacket or any hats.


A high quality leather belt, just like an extra ordinary pair of shoes can last you for a pretty long period of time. Black and chocolate brown are among the colors that can make huge difference for those who want to stand out in the crowd. These colors are fantastic because they can easily match well with all your suits.


Other than providing you protection against the suns rays, sunglasses also add a touch of style. There are many styles that are available and one of the best is the aviator frames. It’s good not to use sports sunglasses with formal wear.


Even though they have been a timeless piece of mens fashion for decades the art of socks can be a little complicated, but men can learn to select the best socks. Cotton socks have been the preferred choices for many men and the right color should be worn to complement the color of the shoes.