How to Wash Leather Gloves?—From gsg leather gloves team

Suede can be handled exactly like this.  With dyed gloves, you should try to prolong putting them in (water) and handle the gloves dry.  One rubs dirty, shiny areas with glass paper and brushes them, but not with a hard brush.  Also when they are dirty with gasoline or are soaked in stain remover, one must rub them with glass paper again.  What is best is to put the gloves on your hands, then you can feel how far you can go with the glass paper.

With suede gloves you see light clouds when they are washed in a soap bath.  You can avoid this when you press them dry between two towels and leave them in for a time while kneading and rubbing them with the hands. What’s even better is when you avoid washing them in water totally and wash them in a gasoline bath.  Lay them in warm gasoline and press them well in it.  You must never bring the gasoline in a room where there is fire:  warm it by putting it in an open container,and putting the container in a bowl of hot water.

Glace kid gloves are prone to water damage, as they are tanned with water soluble agents.  To clean them put them on your hands and rub them with a damp flannel cloth that has either been soaked in gasoline, or soaked in a soap-bath and wrung out, so that it doesn’t hold any more water.  Then rub the gloves dry on the hand with a soft rag.  Very dirty gloves can be cleaned in a gasoline bath, just as was recommended for suede. In this way they can also be cleaned inside.

Pig leather gloves must always be treated with gasoline and then rubbed shiny again.  However, you can also, just like suede, clean them regularly.  You only must be careful when you rub them, and dry them quickly so dark edges and stains don’t soak in.

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7 Reasons Everyone Loves Dress Up

Ask any preschooler if they love to play dress up and at least 90 percent of the time, you will almost certainly get a resounding response. The young crowd is not the only ones who enjoy putting on new outfits and costumes, there are a strong number of teens and adults who enjoy dress up as well – here is why:

Dress up is an escape. When you don a costume, you effectively don an entirely new image as well. You can be whomever you like while dressed as a cop or princess, and the protection of the costume lets you escape from the negative aspects of your own life for a while.

You can free inhibitions. There is nothing better than letting loose and forgetting yourself while you enjoy putting on a costume or a gown. Imagine how liberating it is to wear a mask with a ball gown. Being in disguise lets you put your hair down and truly enjoy yourself with reservations.


Dress up teaches you about fashion. There is much to learn from the fashion world, and one of the easiest ways to learn is through the games you can play online or in the dressing room. Looking online at the games, you can play with current fashion by putting it onto dolls and then admire your creation. Likewise, you can have the same experience by taking those fashions in the store and trying them on yourself. The end result is a far superior knowledge and love of fashion than you might realize.

Friends bond dressing up. Friends can bond significantly when playing with clothing and make up. The fun starts when they each choose an outfit to be in a fashion show or photo shoot. Then after everyone has had their hair and make up finished, they don the clothing and take on a true fashion mantle.


Dress up involves glitter. Anything that gives you an excuse to put glitter in your hair and adorn yourself in lovely clothing has to be a great time. There are only so many changes to look amazing and this is truly one of them.

You can wear wings. There are so many beautiful costumes that include wings Feature Articles, yet there are so few times we ever get to wear them. Enjoy donning some wings of your own when you are with friends at a party or just for the sheer enjoyment of having worn wings and a sparkling fairy princess gown.

Dress up is romantic. One of the most enjoyable times to play with clothing is as you are trying them on for a big date or before you go to a formal dance. There is nothing more powerful than pulling on a gown and admiring your up do and make up in the mirror. The image is lovely and certainly romantic.

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How to look after your leather gloves? —– From GSG & Fioretto Team

Today, gloves are a stylish and practical accessory to compliment your busy lifestyle. Like any other high quality accessory, your gloves need to be treated with care if they are to retain their naturally pleasing appearance. We hope the following guidelines will prove helpful in keeping your fine gloves and leather handbags looking their best.

clean-leather-glovesCaring for and preserving leather products is a simple process and one that is always worth the results. A few simple tricks that can be used will not only enhance the appearance of your leather gloves and accessories, but also extend their life.

When putting on a glove, please try and avoid pulling by the cuff, as it pulls the glove out of shape and can strain the fine stitching. One should fold back to top of the glove cuff and carefully insert the fingers, smoothing each one gently downwards towards the base f the finger, ensuring each finger fits smoothly inside the glove.

1-gsg-ladies-simple-short-fingerless-leather-gloves-5To remove a glove, one should gently pull the glove from the top of each finger and thumb, sliding it off gently, a little at a time.

Unfortunately for practical reasons, gloves are often rolled or pushed into pockets, and as a result can possibly lose their shape and good appearance. Any article of quality clothing needs to be cared for. Accordingly, we recommend that after use, you should always gently pull your gloves back into shape and, where practical, store them laid flat. This will help them to keep their good appearance.

s-elegant-leather-gloves-brownIf by any chance your gloves do become damp or rain spotted, carefully smooth them into shape and lie them down on a towel to dry naturally. Never dry your gloves in direct sunlight, or on a radiator, or use any form of artificial heat, as this may cause discolouration and hardening of the fine leather.

Gloves may be dry cleaned by an experienced specialist leather dry cleaner.

Wipe the dust off regularly. Dust acts as sandpaper to leather, cutting away at the finish with every movement you make. You don’t need to use a special cloth or brush for this, an old rag or towel will do.

If you have leather to help them last longer, when you are still wearing them rub in some leather cream to feed the leather, just as you would if you were putting on hand cream. This is particularly good if they have dried and become stiff after getting wet.

s-brown-winter-warm-sheep-skin-leather-glovesIf you get leather lined leather gloves they will not stretch as much as an unlined leather gloves. Leather lined gloves are not completely waterproof and are not usually washable. You can wipe them clean as recommended above. However, leather lined gloves can be lovely to use and mould to your hand shape.

If none of the above methods seems to workArticle Search, you can try a solution of 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 cup of water. This is especially good for removing spots caused by sugar or alcohol.

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Fashion to Your Fingers–Save your winter modelling

In cold autumn or winter, you can’t show beautiful long legs, girls have to pay more attention on accessories. In winter’s Shopping List, cool leather gloves are undoubtedly the street snap tide people’s best choices. Warm and easy to win yours modelling, who doesn’t love?

Here, they frequently flash in autumn/winter fashion shows.

fashion-to -fingers

fashion-to -fingers2

fashion-to -fingers3

“S Queen”Blake Lively also wear them for better winter whole look.

fashion-to -fingers4

In addition to this regular leather gloves, there are still designs of hollow-carved on the back of hand, not warm enough? Who cares! Cool is enough!

fashion-to -fingers5

Victoria Beckham

fashion-to -fingers6

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

fashion-to -fingers7

fashion-to -fingers8

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

This motorcycle leather gloves are more suitable for beautiful ladies, the exposed nails make her look sexier.

   fashion-to -fingers9

Karl Lagerfeld

fashion-to -fingers12

fashion-to -fingers11

Full sense of the future of silver fingerless gloves to match the same flash silver nail polish, fashionable and halfback feel!

fashion-to -fingers15

Chiara Ferragni

fashion-to -fingers16

Motorcycle gloves, bracelets and watches are whatever set up is also a perfect fit. Accessories in summer, don’t worry about no place to show off in cold weather! The Italian fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni just wearing it this way.

fashion-to -fingers17

On the choices of leather gloves, although the black ones are most common, but concerning for your whole collocation, a pair of bright color gloves may better choice and catching more eyes in winter.

fashion-to -fingers18

fashion-to -fingers19

Or choose this with small adornment design, both fashion and individual.

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Find a best gift for your hand-Leather Gloves

A pair of leather gloves can comfort your skin, and it will show your personality fashion style. Buy yourself a pair of good quality leather gloves now! In many designs of leather gloves, long leather gloves are very popular in the world of fashion. They look very classic, elegant, and fashion at the same time.


In terms of color, black leather gloves are most popular of the ladies. But to try something new, you can see different contemporary color or color such as gold, green, earthy brown, grey, wine, white, purple, red, and more.


Leather fashion gloves can make you flash personality fashion style. You can wear casual or formal dresses. Celebration party, wedding, cocktail party are common places to wear a pair of leather gloves.


You can also try them in the winter to keep your hands warm and comfortable. Matching gloves with your clothing and fancy accessories can give you a best day!


Leather gloves crafts are admirable, because they are so soft, durable and fashion. Want to have your confidence and sexy appearance? Go out with you a pair of leather gloves, it is enough!


Who wants to try this fashion genuine leather gloves?

Gloves are pieces of cloth that covers your hands. The dressing gloves are usually made of genuine leather, fur or different fabric materials. Although there are many different kinds of gloves for men and women, genuine leather gloves are the most popular of all categories.


Once the leather gloves are used only for job, both manufacturers and industry. But now the fashion changed them to luxury items. Beautiful women find her way over wearing  gloves, look charming and shining.


Women always concern about what type of clothes look the best. In this industry, leather gloves is no doubt! Hats and scarves are extra clothes in the wardrobe of a woman now, but the latest fashion designers  have emphasized leather gloves’ important place!


Leather gloves do not tear, they will keep its shape. To provide comfortable and healthy environment, they can fit for any work, keep your hands warm. Your finger look nicer with leather gloves on,and they can help better control.


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Modern people have more fashionable gloves than you guys!

Only know loose socks? Leather gloves can do this way!

Long gloves don’t stay in the age of Audrey Hepburn, the fashion in this year is to make long gloves pile folded, combined with perfect cuff can be better!




Leather gloves are just black color? Maybe you have not seen the chic ones!

In everyone’s impression, as if leather gloves are always black style in mothers’ closet. That’s enough baby, fashion style leather gloves are let a person dazzling.



Rihanna’s stripe leather gloves, like a rainbow in winter, let the whole black look immediately turn to outstanding.


Want more classic style you can get Gaga’s black and white stitching gloves, black and white contract colors can stand out in the dull weather in winter.


Wave point and rivet with double temperament. You can be very elegant, also can be very punk style, most necessary gloves style must be this.

Missed the furry shoes? Can’t miss the furry gloves again!

A lot of friends didn’t have the courage to put on the hot furry shoes last winter. It doesn’t matter. Furry can be also worn on hands. Exaggeration and warm fur gloves is one advantage while taking the photo, you don’t have to fix the picture just shade you face from the cute gloves.




Cute mittens is hot now!

Cute mittens make hand look like “Doraemon”, these mittens spent a whole childhood with us, and its full sense and cute style meet the fashion these days.




Motorcycle leather gloves are much cooler!

The love of beauty is a woman’s nature, but everybody misses the point, the women are also hard to resist handsome. A pair of motorcycle driving leather gloves can rich your outfit, people’s eyes will automatically focus on your body.






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9 Accessories Every Man Must Have in Their Wardrobe

A gentleman’s current wardrobe is definitely in truth a masterpiece of design and demonstrates someone’s do the job ethic. This details on the current wardrobe isolates the best males on the rest for a lot of males, discovering the right current wardrobe generally is a large problem in order to comprehend. It’s actually by no means uncomplicated also to lots of people, this could appear like it’s period spending. On the other hand, after you have got the right items jointly, setting up the right current wardrobe is straightforward. Here i will discuss items which usually each and every dude will need.

For many males, this can be a merely hands equipment which usually they might select and yes it actually allows making it a great watch. It’s far better having you really great bit than various grungy timepieces. The item seems to be actually harmful when you experience a guy around fantastic costume merely to get sabotaged by way of a bad looking watch.


Messenger Bags
These are a sign of gentle or elegance and also can carry so many items.Stylish messenger bags for men compliment a great looking attire and the best thing with men’s messenger bags is that you can choose  many colors and sizes for different situation.


The greater the number of ties that a man has the better. But be careful of how to choose your tie as it is important to avoid cheap ties because they will just look cheap even if you pair it with expensive shirt and suit. Buy the kind of a tie that you can afford, but you need not settle for an awful material. Navy blue tie  made of silk maybe your best choice.


Leather Gloves
A good pair of leather gloves is an essential men’s accessory that can go the distance. A pair of leather gloves is an affordable and trendy option to add to your closet. Leather gloves have both practical and stylish roles to play.A pair of leather gloves gives your look or outfits the edge that you wish for, keep you warm during cold weather, and are practical when driving. More leather gloves style you can visit


Many men go for years without obtaining a replacement of their wallets or cleaning it out. A wallet stores your identification documents and the money which you work so hard to get and you can easily find high quality wallets at affordable rates.

Many men think that a scarf of just for women, but this is not always the case. Invest in a high quality scarf and wear it during winter to keep you warm and looking stylish. It can be paired with a pea coat or a casual jacket or any hats.


A high quality leather belt, just like an extra ordinary pair of shoes can last you for a pretty long period of time. Black and chocolate brown are among the colors that can make huge difference for those who want to stand out in the crowd. These colors are fantastic because they can easily match well with all your suits.


Other than providing you protection against the suns rays, sunglasses also add a touch of style. There are many styles that are available and one of the best is the aviator frames. It’s good not to use sports sunglasses with formal wear.


Even though they have been a timeless piece of mens fashion for decades the art of socks can be a little complicated, but men can learn to select the best socks. Cotton socks have been the preferred choices for many men and the right color should be worn to complement the color of the shoes.





Keep warm and fashionable-Leather Gloves Collocation

Hand get cold easily in winter, but ordinary gloves and too cute , difficult to match , how to make it warm and looks fashion ? Why not try leather gloves , fun colors , amazing style, fashionable and beautiful. Quickly followed up, leather gloves collocation tips  keep you warm and different……


Now the gloves are not only for warm hand function, people pursue more is the adornment effect. Therefore, if you are afraid to make mistakes, pick black ones directly. Whether long or short, no matter what color is your dress, absolutely ok! The bright color leather gloves match needs more experience, better you have the same color accessories on body,like Mr.Hu in the picture. Girls can also try red color, lively and sexy.


These photos are all black leather gloves, from Karl Largerfeld to Anne Hathaway, from socialite to sexy girl, black leather gloves satisfy the pursuit of all people. Black leather gloves is determined to win!


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Gloves Making-Creact the finest gloves by hands


it starts in the tannery

Before the finished leather reaches us in Småland, it is transformed by expert tanners from raw hide to soft and supple full-grain leather. We use drum dyed leather as it retains the natural appearance and characteristics of the leather.




checking the leather

With only a glance our skilled glove cutters can determine how many gloves can be made from a single piece of leather. As a preparation, the skins are moistened and powdered to make it easier to work with. Thereafter, the glove cutter carefully examines the skins in order to determine and plan which parts of the leather to use for each section of the glove.




before cutting

The glove cutter must use the leather as efficiently as possible and minimize the amount of waste while considering the individual properties of each skin. Because all leather has a natural stretch, the glove cutter must also stretch the leather before cutting and determine how much stretch should be left in the glove, where, and in what direction in order to guarantee a perfect- fitting glove.




cutting the leather

The glove cutter’s tools are simple, yet proven. They use shears, a blunt knife called a piquette, and a ruler calibrated in French inches. With the help of stencils, the glove material is marked with lines. Even the glove’s forchettes – the sections on the side of the fingers – are stretched and cut.




the skill of the cutter

The cutter’s knowledge and feel for the grain and texture of the leather determine the fit of the glove. The craft can only be learned through painstaking practice under the watchful eye of a master cutter.





finished by hand

Once the leather has been cut, the pieces that make up a glove are sewn together by either hand or machine, and the lining inserted. The gloves are then dressed on iron plates before ironed and polished to give them their final shape and finish.