How to Wash Leather Gloves?—From gsg leather gloves team

Suede can be handled exactly like this.  With dyed gloves, you should try to prolong putting them in (water) and handle the gloves dry.  One rubs dirty, shiny areas with glass paper and brushes them, but not with a hard brush.  Also when they are dirty with gasoline or are soaked in stain remover, one must rub them with glass paper again.  What is best is to put the gloves on your hands, then you can feel how far you can go with the glass paper.

With suede gloves you see light clouds when they are washed in a soap bath.  You can avoid this when you press them dry between two towels and leave them in for a time while kneading and rubbing them with the hands. What’s even better is when you avoid washing them in water totally and wash them in a gasoline bath.  Lay them in warm gasoline and press them well in it.  You must never bring the gasoline in a room where there is fire:  warm it by putting it in an open container,and putting the container in a bowl of hot water.

Glace kid gloves are prone to water damage, as they are tanned with water soluble agents.  To clean them put them on your hands and rub them with a damp flannel cloth that has either been soaked in gasoline, or soaked in a soap-bath and wrung out, so that it doesn’t hold any more water.  Then rub the gloves dry on the hand with a soft rag.  Very dirty gloves can be cleaned in a gasoline bath, just as was recommended for suede. In this way they can also be cleaned inside.

Pig leather gloves must always be treated with gasoline and then rubbed shiny again.  However, you can also, just like suede, clean them regularly.  You only must be careful when you rub them, and dry them quickly so dark edges and stains don’t soak in.

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7 Reasons Everyone Loves Dress Up

Ask any preschooler if they love to play dress up and at least 90 percent of the time, you will almost certainly get a resounding response. The young crowd is not the only ones who enjoy putting on new outfits and costumes, there are a strong number of teens and adults who enjoy dress up as well – here is why:

Dress up is an escape. When you don a costume, you effectively don an entirely new image as well. You can be whomever you like while dressed as a cop or princess, and the protection of the costume lets you escape from the negative aspects of your own life for a while.

You can free inhibitions. There is nothing better than letting loose and forgetting yourself while you enjoy putting on a costume or a gown. Imagine how liberating it is to wear a mask with a ball gown. Being in disguise lets you put your hair down and truly enjoy yourself with reservations.


Dress up teaches you about fashion. There is much to learn from the fashion world, and one of the easiest ways to learn is through the games you can play online or in the dressing room. Looking online at the games, you can play with current fashion by putting it onto dolls and then admire your creation. Likewise, you can have the same experience by taking those fashions in the store and trying them on yourself. The end result is a far superior knowledge and love of fashion than you might realize.

Friends bond dressing up. Friends can bond significantly when playing with clothing and make up. The fun starts when they each choose an outfit to be in a fashion show or photo shoot. Then after everyone has had their hair and make up finished, they don the clothing and take on a true fashion mantle.


Dress up involves glitter. Anything that gives you an excuse to put glitter in your hair and adorn yourself in lovely clothing has to be a great time. There are only so many changes to look amazing and this is truly one of them.

You can wear wings. There are so many beautiful costumes that include wings Feature Articles, yet there are so few times we ever get to wear them. Enjoy donning some wings of your own when you are with friends at a party or just for the sheer enjoyment of having worn wings and a sparkling fairy princess gown.

Dress up is romantic. One of the most enjoyable times to play with clothing is as you are trying them on for a big date or before you go to a formal dance. There is nothing more powerful than pulling on a gown and admiring your up do and make up in the mirror. The image is lovely and certainly romantic.

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Chic Ways to Wear White After Labor Day is calling B.S. on the no-white-after-Labor-Day fashion rule, and we don’t blame them. When you pair white with any season’s hot trends, you’ll turn heads for all the right reasons.
Whoever decided that white was unacceptable after Labor Day clearly never experienced the coziness of an alabaster-colored cashmere knit on a crisp fall day or the luxe feel of buttery leather leggings in the softest shade of cream. As summer comes to a close and you begin to consider your seasonal closet edit, keep white in your wardrobe rotation with these chic autumn-ready picks.
According to the Glitter Guide, wearing white in fall and winter has been a universal fashion faux pas for years. Wanting to break the silly rule, they shared their top tips for wearing white after Labor Day.
 According to, the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule is outdated and should be forgotten. It went on to share easy and affordable ways to wear white after Labor Day. Whether you’re a girly girl or super-casual, this site has have you covered.




Hot Colors of 2017! Smart Gilrs Prepare Now! (2)



Maroon, is similar to red brown color and nearly close to these years hot color “Marsala”. Little assertive but more reserved, make it more suitable for everyday wear. Relying on this color supporting, you can be sexy but also elegant.color2017-3 color2017-4



Light Cyan


Simple but elegant light cyan, there is no doubt is the favorite color of the bright girls.


But for Yellow skin Asians, the color just like pink mentioned above, is beautiful but it is easy to looks cheap. But don’t worry, when buying this kind of items, as long as you choose a crisp texture, simple design style, away from lace or falbala elements, the effect will be much better.

Light Violet Blue


Light violet blue as a member of blue family, refreshing and common. It is suitable for everyone.

color2017-9 color2017-10

Olive Green


Low profiled olive green color seems retro and intellectual but actually fit well every way. And partial dark tonal also can make you more mature temperament, solemn and charming.




Malachite Green


If you don’t like the olive green’s too dark and inside collect, why not to try a relatively bright color of malachite green. The same flavor restoring ancient ways, but more of spring abundant is bright and beautiful.


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Hot Colors of 2017! Smart Gilrs Prepare Now! (1)

Although 2016 years just past a half, foreign authorities “Fashion snoops” has released to the world spring and summer fashion color trends in 2017.Want to step at the front of fashion? Don’t hesitate to come to know these beautiful colors in advance now!




Elegant purple has been the love of many women, and partial red orchid purple is little bit mysterious, but more of romantic like girl heart, let the women can’t resist, no doubt hot rapidly in spring and summer of 2017.




Light Cheese


Close to the cream color light yellow, just like the afternoon sun, give a person the sense with comfortable warmth, pure and fresh.


But as for yellow skin friend, when choosing light cream color item must pay attention to integral collocation, in order to avoid let skin appear too dark.


Pinkish Orange


Vibrant bright orange after joining pink tones, though less dazzling, but added a few tender feeling and still catch eyes. The mood become well when meet this color, not only suit the dress in the spring and summer season, but also add warmth and vitality for the cold season.



Rose Pink


Every girl has a pink dream in the heart, it also makes the pink has always been popular. And unlike this year popular crystal powder, rose pink is more bright and beautiful delicate to win charming girl heart. But too pink item will be easily shown cheap, so try to choose the items that high-sense in collocation, and with some simple and elegant gray, or white color.

newcolors02  newcolors04

Copper Orange


Copper orange is very elegant and necessary for four seasons, also must have item for your wardrobe. This color is most suitable for graceful cougar.



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How You Can Keep Sitting from Killing You

Exercising for an hour a day may be enough to counteract the harmful effects of sitting for long periods, a new study from Norway finds.

The results show that people who sit for more than 8 hours a day, but who also exercise for 60 to 75 minutes a day, are not at increased risk for early death, compared to people who sat for less than 4 hours a day and reported high levels of physical activity.

In contrast, the people in the study who sat for more than 8 hours a day and got less than 5 minutes of exercise per day were 59 percent more likely to die during the study period, compared to those who sat for less than 4 hours a day and exercised for an hour or more.


“There has been a lot of concern about the health risks associated with today’s more sedentary lifestyles,” study co-author Ulf Ekelund, a professor of sport medicine at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Oslo, said in a statement. “Our message is a positive one: it is possible to reduce — or even eliminate — these risks if we are active enough.” [5 Tips for Sitting Less During Your Work Day]

Many studies have found a link between sitting for long periods and an increased risk of chronic diseases (including cancer, diabetes and heart disease), and dying early. But it hasn’t been clear if engaging in a certain level of activity when people aren’t sitting could reduce or eliminate these risks, the researchers said.

In the new study, the researchers analyzed information from a total of more than 1 million healthy people who took part in 16 studies conducted in eight countries (Canada, the United States, Australia, Spain, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom and Japan). The participants were mostly over age 45, and were followed for two to 18 years. During the study period, 84,600 people died.

There was a strong link between sitting for long periods and an increased risk of early death, the researchers found. But greater levels of physical activity reduced, or in some cases completely offset, this risk.

For example, people who sat for 8 hours a day, but who exercised for 25 to 35 minutes every day, had about a 30 percent increased risk of early death (compared to a 59 percent increased risk for those who got less than 5 minutes of exercise per day). Only those people who exercised for 1 hour or more every day were able to eliminate the risks of sitting for more than 8 hours.

“I think this is good news,” said Dr. Edward Laskowski, co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center in Rochester, Minnesota, who was not involved in the study. It shows that “you can mitigate and compensate for some of these bad effects” of sitting, Laskowski said. In this way, exercise might be considered a kind of “treatment” for people who have sedentary jobs, he added.

But people should still aim to reduce their sitting time as much as they can. “We still want to make efforts to reduce the amount of sitting time in general,” Laskowski told Live Science. “The more we move, the better.”

The study also found that watching TV may be a particularly harmful form of sitting. People who watched TV for 3 hours or more a day were at increased risk for early death (regardless of how much total time they spent sitting), except if they were in the highest-activity group (which got 60 to 75 minutes of exercise a day). But even for people in the highest-activity group, watching TV for 5 or more hours a day was linked with an increased risk of early death.

It’s possible that TV watching is riskier than just sitting because it’s often accompanied by snacking, and people may be exposed to ads for junk food that affect their eating behavior, the researchers said.

The study included healthy people, so it’s unlikely that illness was the reason for people’s sedentary behavior, but the study could not completely rule out the effect of illness on the findings.

Stick These Foods on Your Face for Better Skin–DIY Mask

We’re all for putting natural ingredients on our faces! With summer right here, it’s  the perfect time to load up on your favorite fresh, skin-improving ingredients. Here’s a list of some popular food items that are said to improve the look and feel of your complexion.


Papaya has been used for centuries to help hydrate skin and remove impurities. Called the “fruit of the angels,” it’s full of healthy vitamins and antioxidants. This summer, blend it with some honey and lemon to create a detoxifying yet hydrating face mask or use its juice as an exfoliating treatment.


If you suffer from dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis, then avocados should be your best friend. This creamy fruit works wonders for the skin—it naturally hydrates and intensely moisturizes. For skin that’s supple, apply a thin layer of mashed avocado to your face and let it sit for a few minutes. Have a bad night’s sleep? Place chilled mashed avocado under your eyes to de-puff them.


The thought of slathering your face with raw eggs may seem strange, but let us convince you: Eggs have amazing natural properties that are said to make one’s complexion brighter and tighter. Use egg yolks as a moisturizing treatment, or whip up a few egg whites to create a frothy mask that will leave your skin tight and glowing.

coconut milk and coconuts on a dark wood background ** Note: Shallow depth of field

In terms of skin-care ingredients, coconut milk is one of our favorites. Thanks to its fat content, it effectively moisturizes skin, so it’s essential during cold and dry months. Mix some with your go-to facial cleanser for an instant boost of hydration that will leave your skin silky smooth.


The secret to fully removing all your makeup at night is not found in the makeup aisle or in a pack of wipes—it’s using extra virgin olive oil! You likely have it in your kitchen, so just reach for it the next time you want to melt off all of your makeup in seconds.


The healing benefits of natural oats are incredible. In addition to relieving itchiness, dryness, and redness, they can gently exfoliate and even treat acne. Try mixing some with milk and honey for a nourishing facial scrub, or throw a few handfuls in your next bath for added hydration.


When our skin is looking dull or in need of a boost, we immediately reach for natural yogurt. This rich dairy product has lactic acid, which can act as a gentle exfoliant. A simple mask made with yogurt, honey, and avocado will not only moisturize your skin, but it will also give you that glow that all girls covet.


For a super-smooth pout, turn to brown sugar. Mix it with olive oil to create a gentle exfoliant that will leave your lips feeling soft and tasting slightly sweet.


You probably know that bananas can be beneficial to your skin and your hair, but have you heard the latest craze about their peels? If you suffer from acne, try gently rubbing the inside of a banana peel over your face before going to bed and then rinsing your face in the morning. Do this for a week to eliminate all of your spots and achieve a radiant complexion.

Hope everybody do have a nice face ~


Gloves Making-Creact the finest gloves by hands


it starts in the tannery

Before the finished leather reaches us in Småland, it is transformed by expert tanners from raw hide to soft and supple full-grain leather. We use drum dyed leather as it retains the natural appearance and characteristics of the leather.




checking the leather

With only a glance our skilled glove cutters can determine how many gloves can be made from a single piece of leather. As a preparation, the skins are moistened and powdered to make it easier to work with. Thereafter, the glove cutter carefully examines the skins in order to determine and plan which parts of the leather to use for each section of the glove.




before cutting

The glove cutter must use the leather as efficiently as possible and minimize the amount of waste while considering the individual properties of each skin. Because all leather has a natural stretch, the glove cutter must also stretch the leather before cutting and determine how much stretch should be left in the glove, where, and in what direction in order to guarantee a perfect- fitting glove.




cutting the leather

The glove cutter’s tools are simple, yet proven. They use shears, a blunt knife called a piquette, and a ruler calibrated in French inches. With the help of stencils, the glove material is marked with lines. Even the glove’s forchettes – the sections on the side of the fingers – are stretched and cut.




the skill of the cutter

The cutter’s knowledge and feel for the grain and texture of the leather determine the fit of the glove. The craft can only be learned through painstaking practice under the watchful eye of a master cutter.





finished by hand

Once the leather has been cut, the pieces that make up a glove are sewn together by either hand or machine, and the lining inserted. The gloves are then dressed on iron plates before ironed and polished to give them their final shape and finish.