Hot Wind This Winter—Mini Bags (2)

Today, we still talk about this winter’s most fashion bags- Mini Bags.  Just continuing the last article.

Use mini bags to win a chic vintage style

There is always a girl from the heart refused to fast fashion brand in the window, smell in the factory of new style and old feeling instead of glowing briefly shine and texture of style restoring ancient ways to not love. Minibag is easy to help us achieve style restoring ancient ways, more because the mini bag is very small, to highlight the packet with exaggerated coat pocket is more interesting.






Use mini bags to get fresh and interesting

 Has the girl heart girls most like wearing fresh and interesting. Such as the material of the soft bag in hand, or post two Mini bag, integral collocation not only fashionable and bright, but also with a tong qu, they always can convey to the people nature open-minded good state of mind.
Use mini bags to get warm and comfortable

There are a lot of girls can light leg wear a coat in the ice and snow, there is also a girl is always better than others in advance into the winter season. For the girls afraid of the cold, wear warm look very warm, is very important. When we wear thick sweater, fur, wool, and with a warm sense of brown, will bring infinite warmth.



minibag41 minibag44



Whats your opinion? Do you have a mini bag this winter? Welcome to talk about it with me or common below. See you ~

How to Wash Leather Gloves?—From gsg leather gloves team

Suede can be handled exactly like this.  With dyed gloves, you should try to prolong putting them in (water) and handle the gloves dry.  One rubs dirty, shiny areas with glass paper and brushes them, but not with a hard brush.  Also when they are dirty with gasoline or are soaked in stain remover, one must rub them with glass paper again.  What is best is to put the gloves on your hands, then you can feel how far you can go with the glass paper.

With suede gloves you see light clouds when they are washed in a soap bath.  You can avoid this when you press them dry between two towels and leave them in for a time while kneading and rubbing them with the hands. What’s even better is when you avoid washing them in water totally and wash them in a gasoline bath.  Lay them in warm gasoline and press them well in it.  You must never bring the gasoline in a room where there is fire:  warm it by putting it in an open container,and putting the container in a bowl of hot water.

Glace kid gloves are prone to water damage, as they are tanned with water soluble agents.  To clean them put them on your hands and rub them with a damp flannel cloth that has either been soaked in gasoline, or soaked in a soap-bath and wrung out, so that it doesn’t hold any more water.  Then rub the gloves dry on the hand with a soft rag.  Very dirty gloves can be cleaned in a gasoline bath, just as was recommended for suede. In this way they can also be cleaned inside.

Pig leather gloves must always be treated with gasoline and then rubbed shiny again.  However, you can also, just like suede, clean them regularly.  You only must be careful when you rub them, and dry them quickly so dark edges and stains don’t soak in.

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7 Reasons Everyone Loves Dress Up

Ask any preschooler if they love to play dress up and at least 90 percent of the time, you will almost certainly get a resounding response. The young crowd is not the only ones who enjoy putting on new outfits and costumes, there are a strong number of teens and adults who enjoy dress up as well – here is why:

Dress up is an escape. When you don a costume, you effectively don an entirely new image as well. You can be whomever you like while dressed as a cop or princess, and the protection of the costume lets you escape from the negative aspects of your own life for a while.

You can free inhibitions. There is nothing better than letting loose and forgetting yourself while you enjoy putting on a costume or a gown. Imagine how liberating it is to wear a mask with a ball gown. Being in disguise lets you put your hair down and truly enjoy yourself with reservations.


Dress up teaches you about fashion. There is much to learn from the fashion world, and one of the easiest ways to learn is through the games you can play online or in the dressing room. Looking online at the games, you can play with current fashion by putting it onto dolls and then admire your creation. Likewise, you can have the same experience by taking those fashions in the store and trying them on yourself. The end result is a far superior knowledge and love of fashion than you might realize.

Friends bond dressing up. Friends can bond significantly when playing with clothing and make up. The fun starts when they each choose an outfit to be in a fashion show or photo shoot. Then after everyone has had their hair and make up finished, they don the clothing and take on a true fashion mantle.


Dress up involves glitter. Anything that gives you an excuse to put glitter in your hair and adorn yourself in lovely clothing has to be a great time. There are only so many changes to look amazing and this is truly one of them.

You can wear wings. There are so many beautiful costumes that include wings Feature Articles, yet there are so few times we ever get to wear them. Enjoy donning some wings of your own when you are with friends at a party or just for the sheer enjoyment of having worn wings and a sparkling fairy princess gown.

Dress up is romantic. One of the most enjoyable times to play with clothing is as you are trying them on for a big date or before you go to a formal dance. There is nothing more powerful than pulling on a gown and admiring your up do and make up in the mirror. The image is lovely and certainly romantic.

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How to look after your leather gloves? —– From GSG & Fioretto Team

Today, gloves are a stylish and practical accessory to compliment your busy lifestyle. Like any other high quality accessory, your gloves need to be treated with care if they are to retain their naturally pleasing appearance. We hope the following guidelines will prove helpful in keeping your fine gloves and leather handbags looking their best.

clean-leather-glovesCaring for and preserving leather products is a simple process and one that is always worth the results. A few simple tricks that can be used will not only enhance the appearance of your leather gloves and accessories, but also extend their life.

When putting on a glove, please try and avoid pulling by the cuff, as it pulls the glove out of shape and can strain the fine stitching. One should fold back to top of the glove cuff and carefully insert the fingers, smoothing each one gently downwards towards the base f the finger, ensuring each finger fits smoothly inside the glove.

1-gsg-ladies-simple-short-fingerless-leather-gloves-5To remove a glove, one should gently pull the glove from the top of each finger and thumb, sliding it off gently, a little at a time.

Unfortunately for practical reasons, gloves are often rolled or pushed into pockets, and as a result can possibly lose their shape and good appearance. Any article of quality clothing needs to be cared for. Accordingly, we recommend that after use, you should always gently pull your gloves back into shape and, where practical, store them laid flat. This will help them to keep their good appearance.

s-elegant-leather-gloves-brownIf by any chance your gloves do become damp or rain spotted, carefully smooth them into shape and lie them down on a towel to dry naturally. Never dry your gloves in direct sunlight, or on a radiator, or use any form of artificial heat, as this may cause discolouration and hardening of the fine leather.

Gloves may be dry cleaned by an experienced specialist leather dry cleaner.

Wipe the dust off regularly. Dust acts as sandpaper to leather, cutting away at the finish with every movement you make. You don’t need to use a special cloth or brush for this, an old rag or towel will do.

If you have leather to help them last longer, when you are still wearing them rub in some leather cream to feed the leather, just as you would if you were putting on hand cream. This is particularly good if they have dried and become stiff after getting wet.

s-brown-winter-warm-sheep-skin-leather-glovesIf you get leather lined leather gloves they will not stretch as much as an unlined leather gloves. Leather lined gloves are not completely waterproof and are not usually washable. You can wipe them clean as recommended above. However, leather lined gloves can be lovely to use and mould to your hand shape.

If none of the above methods seems to workArticle Search, you can try a solution of 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 cup of water. This is especially good for removing spots caused by sugar or alcohol.

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Reasons why you should wear driving gloves?


Why wear driving leather gloves? In the modern age, just about every car on the road has a roof to protect the driver. It’s why gloves aren’t necessary for all people. However, driving gloves do come in handy in the right circumstances.

Check out the top 5 reasons to wear driving gloves below:


Ever hear of a little race called the Indianapolis 500? Every single driver on the track wears driving gloves. And no, it’s not just because it makes them look cool (even though it definitely does).

Professional race car drivers need driving gloves so they can exercise better control over the steering wheel. If you were racing along a track at 200+ miles per hour, you would want every bit of control over the car. Just one little slip of the hand sends you careening off course into disaster territory.

Even though most of us will not be driving race cars in our lifetime, we may encounter daily situations that require quick and accurate responses from time to time. If you’re driving on the highway, you’ll definitely be grateful for a little extra tack to keep your hands glued to the wheel, especially when entering or exiting interstate on-ramps and driving in adverse weather conditions.


Little known fact: most truck drivers wear gloves. Why? Keeping your hands on the wheel for upwards of 5 hours at a time will tire your hands out. Although most of us do not drive for a living, truckers who log hours and hours of driving a week report that blisters may form if gloves are not worn to prevent the abrasion of gripping the wheel.

Whether you’re taking a long distance road trip or you drive a vehicle for a living, driving gloves work to keep your hands happy and comfortable in a few different ways:

  • The leather surface reduce vibration which in turn reduces hand fatigue
  • Breathable mesh or holes in the knuckles offers ventilation to keep your hands cool
  • The Glove acts as abarrier to prevent abrasion between your bare skin and the steering wheel



Depending on the type of car you drive, it may be worthwhile to wear driving gloves to keep your steering wheel in good shape. Maintaining your car’s steering wheel will help it maintain both its aesthetic and resale value.

In luxury cars like Audis and Lexus’, the steering wheel is often covered with wood or wrapped with leather. A nice wheel adds value to a luxury sedan or SUV, so it makes sense to want to preserve the steering wheel as much as possible.

Driving gloves are not just a fashion statement among luxury vehicle owners and classic car collectors. Vintage cars already have years and years of cumulated wear, depreciating even faster if you drive with your bare hands. Quality driving gloves act as a barrier between the sweat and oils produced by your hands and the wheel. If you own a nice car, wearing driving gloves ensures you’re protecting your investment.


In the cold, a pair of driving gloves will help keep your hands warm. The driving gloves basically act as an insulator, sealing in your body’s natural warmth. Many people wear winter gloves to keep their hands warm . Driving gloves are especially useful when you take driving posture and the natural human anatomy into consideration:

When blood can’t reach the extremities, your hands and feet become cold. Putting your hands on the steering wheel means you’re holding your hands above your elbows. Properly designed driving gloves can help compensate for the lack of blood flow.

In extreme heat, driving gloves prevent your hands from transferring moisture to the steering wheel. As mentioned earlier, this moisture will not only affect your grip on the wheel, but can also cause blisters over time. A good pair of driving gloves will help your hands stay at a comfortable temperature.


In the last few years, driving gloves have become even more popular. Perhaps they fall along the lines of the popular “vintage” trend that has descended over fashion the last few years.
For a lot of people, choosing to wear driving gloves is probably more often about fashion than anything else. So when did this niche-type glove become so popular?

Remember the movie Drive? Ryan Gosling’s driving gloves helped define the aesthetic of his character. His look fused a simple and smart dress style with the dangerous and rugged.

And really, what guy doesn’t want to look like both a classy gentleman and a bad boy? No one, that’s who.

So,you really need a pair of leather driving gloves now :



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Having these lovely stickers,you don’t have to update your wardrobe now!

Autumn is coming, and it’s time o update new wardrobe . Tired of wearing old jeans ,T-shirts and old coats ? Lovely “sticker garment”can save you now!Here introduce one designer brands, let’s go!


Different kinds of stickers become to appear on the fashionable people clothes or bags now!



Best shoes maker Anya Hindmarch even add stickers to their shoes, the ankle boots covered with stickers look so chic and beautiful.


Denim products are always good friends with stickers, denim blue combines with bright colors is so cool. You can also leave your name on jacket!



Brand 1:Tuesday Bassen is created by an illustrator in Los Angeles, as the same name brand, she began reading while working in record stores and comic house. But now she has graduated and established independent studio to become a full-time art illustrator. Big girlhood dream has turned in the reality ~


The baby-face whimsy girl Tuesday Bassen looks so confident on the sale market.


Tuesday Bassen stickers are with strong American street fashion, contracted and not simple design represents the dreams of the young girl for a new life ~ Hearts lollipops design is her most love pattern.



And her cartoon portraits is here~


The cuboid 3D design is so realistic.


Can’t help want to eat a bite on this “strawberry”!


Yeah! So cool than gesture.


More about buyer show~



And leather coat collocation is also very good oh ~ let high cold leather immediately lovely now~


Existing ten thousand possible becomes, it has controlled the clothes, bags, shoes,ipad case… What else can’t? !




Fashion to Your Fingers–Save your winter modelling

In cold autumn or winter, you can’t show beautiful long legs, girls have to pay more attention on accessories. In winter’s Shopping List, cool leather gloves are undoubtedly the street snap tide people’s best choices. Warm and easy to win yours modelling, who doesn’t love?

Here, they frequently flash in autumn/winter fashion shows.

fashion-to -fingers

fashion-to -fingers2

fashion-to -fingers3

“S Queen”Blake Lively also wear them for better winter whole look.

fashion-to -fingers4

In addition to this regular leather gloves, there are still designs of hollow-carved on the back of hand, not warm enough? Who cares! Cool is enough!

fashion-to -fingers5

Victoria Beckham

fashion-to -fingers6

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

fashion-to -fingers7

fashion-to -fingers8

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

This motorcycle leather gloves are more suitable for beautiful ladies, the exposed nails make her look sexier.

   fashion-to -fingers9

Karl Lagerfeld

fashion-to -fingers12

fashion-to -fingers11

Full sense of the future of silver fingerless gloves to match the same flash silver nail polish, fashionable and halfback feel!

fashion-to -fingers15

Chiara Ferragni

fashion-to -fingers16

Motorcycle gloves, bracelets and watches are whatever set up is also a perfect fit. Accessories in summer, don’t worry about no place to show off in cold weather! The Italian fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni just wearing it this way.

fashion-to -fingers17

On the choices of leather gloves, although the black ones are most common, but concerning for your whole collocation, a pair of bright color gloves may better choice and catching more eyes in winter.

fashion-to -fingers18

fashion-to -fingers19

Or choose this with small adornment design, both fashion and individual.

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