Hot Colors of 2017! Smart Gilrs Prepare Now! (2)



Maroon, is similar to red brown color and nearly close to these years hot color “Marsala”. Little assertive but more reserved, make it more suitable for everyday wear. Relying on this color supporting, you can be sexy but also elegant.color2017-3 color2017-4



Light Cyan


Simple but elegant light cyan, there is no doubt is the favorite color of the bright girls.


But for Yellow skin Asians, the color just like pink mentioned above, is beautiful but it is easy to looks cheap. But don’t worry, when buying this kind of items, as long as you choose a crisp texture, simple design style, away from lace or falbala elements, the effect will be much better.

Light Violet Blue


Light violet blue as a member of blue family, refreshing and common. It is suitable for everyone.

color2017-9 color2017-10

Olive Green


Low profiled olive green color seems retro and intellectual but actually fit well every way. And partial dark tonal also can make you more mature temperament, solemn and charming.




Malachite Green


If you don’t like the olive green’s too dark and inside collect, why not to try a relatively bright color of malachite green. The same flavor restoring ancient ways, but more of spring abundant is bright and beautiful.


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Hot Colors of 2017! Smart Gilrs Prepare Now! (1)

Although 2016 years just past a half, foreign authorities “Fashion snoops” has released to the world spring and summer fashion color trends in 2017.Want to step at the front of fashion? Don’t hesitate to come to know these beautiful colors in advance now!




Elegant purple has been the love of many women, and partial red orchid purple is little bit mysterious, but more of romantic like girl heart, let the women can’t resist, no doubt hot rapidly in spring and summer of 2017.




Light Cheese


Close to the cream color light yellow, just like the afternoon sun, give a person the sense with comfortable warmth, pure and fresh.


But as for yellow skin friend, when choosing light cream color item must pay attention to integral collocation, in order to avoid let skin appear too dark.


Pinkish Orange


Vibrant bright orange after joining pink tones, though less dazzling, but added a few tender feeling and still catch eyes. The mood become well when meet this color, not only suit the dress in the spring and summer season, but also add warmth and vitality for the cold season.



Rose Pink


Every girl has a pink dream in the heart, it also makes the pink has always been popular. And unlike this year popular crystal powder, rose pink is more bright and beautiful delicate to win charming girl heart. But too pink item will be easily shown cheap, so try to choose the items that high-sense in collocation, and with some simple and elegant gray, or white color.

newcolors02  newcolors04

Copper Orange


Copper orange is very elegant and necessary for four seasons, also must have item for your wardrobe. This color is most suitable for graceful cougar.



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Reasons why you should wear driving gloves?


Why wear driving leather gloves? In the modern age, just about every car on the road has a roof to protect the driver. It’s why gloves aren’t necessary for all people. However, driving gloves do come in handy in the right circumstances.

Check out the top 5 reasons to wear driving gloves below:


Ever hear of a little race called the Indianapolis 500? Every single driver on the track wears driving gloves. And no, it’s not just because it makes them look cool (even though it definitely does).

Professional race car drivers need driving gloves so they can exercise better control over the steering wheel. If you were racing along a track at 200+ miles per hour, you would want every bit of control over the car. Just one little slip of the hand sends you careening off course into disaster territory.

Even though most of us will not be driving race cars in our lifetime, we may encounter daily situations that require quick and accurate responses from time to time. If you’re driving on the highway, you’ll definitely be grateful for a little extra tack to keep your hands glued to the wheel, especially when entering or exiting interstate on-ramps and driving in adverse weather conditions.


Little known fact: most truck drivers wear gloves. Why? Keeping your hands on the wheel for upwards of 5 hours at a time will tire your hands out. Although most of us do not drive for a living, truckers who log hours and hours of driving a week report that blisters may form if gloves are not worn to prevent the abrasion of gripping the wheel.

Whether you’re taking a long distance road trip or you drive a vehicle for a living, driving gloves work to keep your hands happy and comfortable in a few different ways:

  • The leather surface reduce vibration which in turn reduces hand fatigue
  • Breathable mesh or holes in the knuckles offers ventilation to keep your hands cool
  • The Glove acts as abarrier to prevent abrasion between your bare skin and the steering wheel



Depending on the type of car you drive, it may be worthwhile to wear driving gloves to keep your steering wheel in good shape. Maintaining your car’s steering wheel will help it maintain both its aesthetic and resale value.

In luxury cars like Audis and Lexus’, the steering wheel is often covered with wood or wrapped with leather. A nice wheel adds value to a luxury sedan or SUV, so it makes sense to want to preserve the steering wheel as much as possible.

Driving gloves are not just a fashion statement among luxury vehicle owners and classic car collectors. Vintage cars already have years and years of cumulated wear, depreciating even faster if you drive with your bare hands. Quality driving gloves act as a barrier between the sweat and oils produced by your hands and the wheel. If you own a nice car, wearing driving gloves ensures you’re protecting your investment.


In the cold, a pair of driving gloves will help keep your hands warm. The driving gloves basically act as an insulator, sealing in your body’s natural warmth. Many people wear winter gloves to keep their hands warm . Driving gloves are especially useful when you take driving posture and the natural human anatomy into consideration:

When blood can’t reach the extremities, your hands and feet become cold. Putting your hands on the steering wheel means you’re holding your hands above your elbows. Properly designed driving gloves can help compensate for the lack of blood flow.

In extreme heat, driving gloves prevent your hands from transferring moisture to the steering wheel. As mentioned earlier, this moisture will not only affect your grip on the wheel, but can also cause blisters over time. A good pair of driving gloves will help your hands stay at a comfortable temperature.


In the last few years, driving gloves have become even more popular. Perhaps they fall along the lines of the popular “vintage” trend that has descended over fashion the last few years.
For a lot of people, choosing to wear driving gloves is probably more often about fashion than anything else. So when did this niche-type glove become so popular?

Remember the movie Drive? Ryan Gosling’s driving gloves helped define the aesthetic of his character. His look fused a simple and smart dress style with the dangerous and rugged.

And really, what guy doesn’t want to look like both a classy gentleman and a bad boy? No one, that’s who.

So,you really need a pair of leather driving gloves now :



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Having these lovely stickers,you don’t have to update your wardrobe now!

Autumn is coming, and it’s time o update new wardrobe . Tired of wearing old jeans ,T-shirts and old coats ? Lovely “sticker garment”can save you now!Here introduce one designer brands, let’s go!


Different kinds of stickers become to appear on the fashionable people clothes or bags now!



Best shoes maker Anya Hindmarch even add stickers to their shoes, the ankle boots covered with stickers look so chic and beautiful.


Denim products are always good friends with stickers, denim blue combines with bright colors is so cool. You can also leave your name on jacket!



Brand 1:Tuesday Bassen is created by an illustrator in Los Angeles, as the same name brand, she began reading while working in record stores and comic house. But now she has graduated and established independent studio to become a full-time art illustrator. Big girlhood dream has turned in the reality ~


The baby-face whimsy girl Tuesday Bassen looks so confident on the sale market.


Tuesday Bassen stickers are with strong American street fashion, contracted and not simple design represents the dreams of the young girl for a new life ~ Hearts lollipops design is her most love pattern.



And her cartoon portraits is here~


The cuboid 3D design is so realistic.


Can’t help want to eat a bite on this “strawberry”!


Yeah! So cool than gesture.


More about buyer show~



And leather coat collocation is also very good oh ~ let high cold leather immediately lovely now~


Existing ten thousand possible becomes, it has controlled the clothes, bags, shoes,ipad case… What else can’t? !




Fashion to Your Fingers–Save your winter modelling

In cold autumn or winter, you can’t show beautiful long legs, girls have to pay more attention on accessories. In winter’s Shopping List, cool leather gloves are undoubtedly the street snap tide people’s best choices. Warm and easy to win yours modelling, who doesn’t love?

Here, they frequently flash in autumn/winter fashion shows.

fashion-to -fingers

fashion-to -fingers2

fashion-to -fingers3

“S Queen”Blake Lively also wear them for better winter whole look.

fashion-to -fingers4

In addition to this regular leather gloves, there are still designs of hollow-carved on the back of hand, not warm enough? Who cares! Cool is enough!

fashion-to -fingers5

Victoria Beckham

fashion-to -fingers6

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

fashion-to -fingers7

fashion-to -fingers8

《Gossip Girl》 Queen B

This motorcycle leather gloves are more suitable for beautiful ladies, the exposed nails make her look sexier.

   fashion-to -fingers9

Karl Lagerfeld

fashion-to -fingers12

fashion-to -fingers11

Full sense of the future of silver fingerless gloves to match the same flash silver nail polish, fashionable and halfback feel!

fashion-to -fingers15

Chiara Ferragni

fashion-to -fingers16

Motorcycle gloves, bracelets and watches are whatever set up is also a perfect fit. Accessories in summer, don’t worry about no place to show off in cold weather! The Italian fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni just wearing it this way.

fashion-to -fingers17

On the choices of leather gloves, although the black ones are most common, but concerning for your whole collocation, a pair of bright color gloves may better choice and catching more eyes in winter.

fashion-to -fingers18

fashion-to -fingers19

Or choose this with small adornment design, both fashion and individual.

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